Thursday, July 9, 2015

Professional Reading EDU 6235

Flanigan, R. (2013, June 11). 'Flipped' PD Initiative Boosts Teachers' Tech Skills. Retrieved July 8, 2015, from

This article by Robin Flanigan discusses the positive impact that flipped PD can have on classroom implementation.  In one school that Flanigan looked at 10-15% of teachers added a new classroom practice to their plans when given professional development with no follow-up support.  This number changed drastically to 90% when sustained support was given to teachers.  “Flipped PD offers face-to-face support and personalized online resources, such as how-to videos on using interactive-whiteboard software or the iPad's multi-tasking bar. Teachers watch the videos to find new or better approaches and then discuss developing those approaches with the technology-integration specialists” (2013). When teachers realize that they are being given a choice with no time restraints, and they are able to learn at their own pace then their attitude towards personal growth changes immensely.
The idea of flipped PD can be done gradually as seen in the infographic at the bottom of the article.  It’s obvious that flipped PD has made a positive impact on collaboration, design projects, practical, professional growth, skills, and the transfer into the classroom.

I really think the idea of having flipped PD is amazing!  In fact, it is something my group is planning on implementing into our district PD plan project.  Throughout this week we have discussed the problems with PD and the biggest one is that it may not be geared to every department or teacher in the building.  With flipped PD teachers can choose what they want to learn about and then they are more likely to use it in their own classroom.